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Fire and Explosion Accidents – Maritime Laws

If you keep an eye on the different updates from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, it is clear that they put tremendous effort into making the workplace safe and healthy in every possible industry (, 2015). Along with their rules and regulations, and standard federal laws, there are industry guidelines that have to be followed in the maritime industries too. However, even with all of the safety regulations and precautions in place, accidents happen at a somewhat alarming rate every year.

While there are a lot of causes and factors that lead to incidents and injuries, it is fair to say that a great majority of them could have been avoided. This holds true of total vessel losses during horrible storms, as well as incidents such as fires and explosions. In the end, most such events seem to have several things that lead up to the incident, and in many cases, these incidents are determined to have been avoidable.

Worst of all, that means that the injuries sustained in events, such as explosions or fires, may have been avoided too.

What Can You Do After an Explosion or Fire Accident?

Injuries due to fire and explosion accidents in a maritime industry, range from the obvious burn injuries, to loss of hearing due to the concussion of sound, crushing injuries, loss of limbs, and so much more. Because these injuries are not your fault, and may be due entirely to negligence on the part of a vessel owner or employer, the laws deem that they must be held liable for the injuries you sustained.

However, it can often be very challenging to prove who is at fault for such major events as explosions or fires, and if you are gravely injured, it can be impossible to do the work needed to discover who is to blame. This is why you must get in touch with a maritime lawyer following any sort of fire or explosion in a maritime business or industry. This is true, whether you are the person injured, or you are the surviving dependent of someone killed in the incident.

There are several groups of laws that provide protection and compensation to those who were injured or killed in their maritime industry work. The first step is to get in touch with lawyers experienced in this area of the law, and to discuss the issue fully.

Quite often, there is a need to determine and prove that an employer, vessel owner, or other third party was to blame for the incident through negligence. For example, a vessel owner may have allowed the craft to be in an unseaworthy condition, and this could have been what led to the fire or explosion. An employer may have failed to provide proper security or safety systems, and this caused a fire. The employer may have failed to maintain the equipment or train the employees before allowing them to do their jobs, and some employers push workers too hard, and this can also be seen as being responsible through negligence.

You must prove these things, and your best bet in doing so successfully, and holding the right parties accountable, is to work with an experienced maritime lawyer. You don’t have to fight this fight alone and working with legal experts is the best way to understand what you can expect, and what you rightfully deserve. Whether you suffered minor burns due to an explosion or fire, or you lost a loved one, who worked in a maritime industry because of an incident of this kind, there are laws to ensure you are compensated.